Summer Greens

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We are actively involved with neighbourhood watches, property agents, community projects, policing forums, rate payers associations, and other social upliftment projects in Summer Greens. This network of ambassadors thereby supports Crime Watch SA’s business initiative for lower crime rates.
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Overview of activity in Summer Greens – April

We had no reported crimes for the area from our clients, although are aware of a recent increase in crime in the suburb. Cameras will be a big help in the area to see what happens at night and when no one is looking, and our armed reaction officers can be deployed accordingly.
We are aware that there is still an issue with crime not being reported in the suburb – please use 10111 anytime you are a victim of crime, and you will be given a reference number that you can follow up on. Without the stats we won’t get more visible police in the area.

LOAD SHEDDING – It should be noted that with the high number of load shedding occasions in the suburbs, our response times have fallen significantly. Loss of power due to load shedding can cause an alarm to activate with the result that many alarms activate at the same time causing a backlog in the control room and longer response times. NB – There is clear evidence of criminals planning their break-in activity around load shedding times – we urge you all to test your alarms, ensure your batteries can cover the load shedding periods, and resolve any zones that you by-pass due to faults..

SAPS Complaints – if you have a complaint about SAPS – please email, where your complaint will be followed up and investigated thoroughly

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Summer Greens

What crimes have been reported in the area

Recorded crimes are verified crimes that have been reported to Crime Watch, by clients, SAPS, or non-clients.

Crime Stats for Summer Greens

last updated Apr 2022

Crimes in Apr

Crimes YTD 2022

Crimes YTD 2021

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Response Times

1 Armed Responses were completed in the month
0% of responses were completed within 10 mins
100% responses were completed within 7 mins
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Incident Reports for Summer Greens

Your bin is a tool for crime

It is a LADDER to climb over your wall. It is a HIDING place to ambush you. It is used to TRANSPORT stolen goods. It ATTRACTS vagrants to your house. It tells that you might BE AWAY.

CCTV Alarm System Kit Promotion
CCTV Alarm System Kit Promotion

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