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Going Beyond

Crime Watch is a proactive crime prevention and eradication operation, a visible deterrent to crime and a superb alarm monitoring and armed response service. Our high level of visibility results in less crime.

About Crime Watch South Africa

What makes us stand out? Our aim is to keep your family & home safe, giving you peace of mind to enjoy your life and the things that you love.

  • We don’t just respond – we patrol 24/7.
  • We are locally based.
  • A network of 535 CCTV & LPR cameras.
  • Expert knowledge of our suburbs.
  • Dedicated vehicles in the area.
  • Finance available & no lock-in contracts.
  • Proven track record of reducing crime.
  • We go beyond expectations.
  • This enables us to provide intelligent policing, better detection, excellent response times for added security within our communities.

Crime Prevention in Milnerton, Sunset Beach and surrounds

Crime Watch SA is a proactive armed response company dedicated to the Milnerton Precinct and currently operates in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland. The aim of the company is to ‘consolidate communities’ and thereby create an effective crime fighting force.

Services include crime prevention patrols, alarm monitoring and armed response, resident assistance, alarm installations, CCTV network installations and off site CCTV surveillance.

The Crime Watch Control Room is situated in Koeberg Road, Milnerton and is operational 24/7. The Control Room is equipped with state of the art alarm monitoring equipment and systems, as well as technologically advanced CCTV surveillance equipment.

Crime Watch’s security personnel are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).


Who We Are: History

Crime Watch began in 2003 as a ‘neighbourhood watch’ type of service based on the success of the Milnerton Crime Watch Trust operating in Milnerton. The first area of operation was in Sunset Beach where crime stats at that time were between 8 and 25 house break-in and theft incidents per month. SAPS reservists were employed to patrol the suburb in a vehicle donated by local business.

Crime Watch grew from strength to strength and with pressure from residents to provide more security features, and from the industry to formalise as a registered security company, began offering alarm monitoring and armed response services . Crime Watch quickly reduced the crime in the area, almost eradicating it altogether, and making Sunset Beach one of the safest places in Cape Town. The adjacent suburbs requested that the Crime Watch service be expanded to their areas and this has taken place progressively ever since.

A technical department was opened offering clients alarm installations, upgrades and maintenance services. This has now grown into a second department offering CCTV installations and maintenance as well as offsite CCTV monitoring.

Crime Watch is now the strongest security company in the Milnerton Precinct with permanent patrols and response vehicles located in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge and Royal Ascot, and other response vehicles operating and patrolling in Tijgerhof, Milnerton Central and Montague Gardens.

Have Questions?

Feel free to browse the FAQs or contact us.

Do you have anything to do with Milnerton Crime Watch Trust?

Yes, we are both absolutely passionate about minimizing crime in our area, and if required will assist each other in making arrests, or carrying out observations and patrols, and sharing crime information for the benefit of our community’s safety.

The fact that you are both called Crime Watch is very confusing to customers
  • It is unfortunate that we both have the word Crime Watch within our names, but that has been the case since February 2010.
  • Both companies were closely affiliated originally and were formed out of Neighbour Watches. (Crime Watch SA out of Sunset Beach Neighbourhood Watch & Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch).
  • Milnerton Crime Watch Trust, was formed much earlier, with Craig Pedersen helping originally in the development and establishment of Crime Watch SA
  • There are many companies with the name Crime Watch within them.
Where does Milnerton Crime Watch Trust operate compared to Crime Watch SA?

The current area is defined on the Milnerton Crime Watch Trust website as being between Koeberg Rd to the sea and between Racecourse and Boundary Road in Milnerton.

Crime Watch SA covers: Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland

What are the differences between the two companies?

There are a number of differences highlighted below quite apart from the area's that they cover.
It should be noted that both companies, unlike most Armed Response companies, patrol their areas constantly, rather than just respond to an alarm activation. This is born out of their origination as Neighbourhood Watches.

Crime Watch SA

  1. Full PSIRA* (Industry Regulatory Authorities) compliant Control Room, where we monitor our clients' alarms, 535 CCTV cameras that cover certain areas of our suburbs, and from where we dispatch our Armed Reaction Officers from.
  2. All Officers are Armed at all times.
  3. Install alarms and CCTV systems for both residential and commercial
  4. Fully equipped and registered Armed Response Company
  5. Operate 6 response vehicles currently (Blue & White) as well as 4 technical vehicles
  6. Private company
  7. Located in Koeberg Rd (opposite Steve Auto clinic), and very close to Milnerton Crime Watch Trust

PSIRA* - Private Security Industry Authority

Milnerton Crime Watch Trust

  1. Do not have a Control Room with which to monitor alarms. They use the services of third parties for example SIS
  2. Officers are trained as Armed Reaction Officers, but do not currently carry weapons
  3. They do not install either CCTV or Alarm systems
  4. They have 2 vehicles currently (Black & Yellow) that cover Milnerton Central
  5. They are a community based Trust and a non-profit organisation

From Strength to Strength

We go above and beyond our duty and what is the norm for the security industry