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Knowing the quality of service we provide to you as a valued client is crucial to us, especially when it involves your safety, we would welcome your feedback regarding the Technician that recently visited your property. The information you provide will enable us to deal with any potential issues that may have arisen, and recognise and reward our technicians for the service excellence that we demand that they provide to you. A minute of your time to fill in this service survey is greatly appreciated.
“We are always trying to improve the service we deliver to our clients, and would very much appreciate you just taking a minute to complete the questionnaire below. Thank you very much for your time.” ~Mark Lindsell, General Manager at Crime Watch

    Who was your Technician?
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    1. Did the Technicians arrive at the agreed time?

    2. Did the Technical team contact you if they were running late / early?

    3. Were the Technicians polite and courteous?

    4. Was the Technician neat, tidy and presentable?

    5. Was the Technician's work neat, tidy and presentable?

    6. Was the Technician's tools always kept tidy whilst on your property?

    7. Did the Technician explain what work they had done exactly?

    8. Did the Technician confirm that they had tested the zone that they were working on was functioning correctly?

    9. Did the Technician confirm that they had tested the whole system? (other than the zone they are are working on)

    10. Did they make you aware of any other faults or issues?

    11. Was your problem resolved?

    12. Did the Technicians ask you if you needed any training in the use of the alarm system?

    13. How would you rate the Technicians overall service?

    A. Was your problem resolved?

    B. Do you need a follow up call from the technical team?

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