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Get a free CCTV Camera for your street! Monitored by you, your neighbours, your neighbourhood watch and Crime Watch.

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in your street.

How to get a free CCTV camera monitored in your street, by you, your neighbours, the Neighbourhood Watch and Crime Watch

To find out how you can get a free camera in your street, click on the link to the suburb, where you live, to find out more

What is the Community CCTV project?
Crime Watch are fully committed to developing community safety, working with residents and the Neighbourhood Watch / Street Groups in a suburb, and to developing improved security by the installation of CCTV cameras. We currently (June 2021) monitor 275 CCTV cameras in public areas. Where we have CCTV cameras, the crime rate is considerably lower than in areas that we do not have cameras.
How do CCTV cameras benefit?

The cameras are linked to the Crime Watch Control Room and that provides us (you, your neighbours, the NW,) with the ability to monitor any suspicious activity remotely, – ‘Intelligent Policing’ and deploy Armed Response officers to investigate.

What is Hikvision Acusense and Colorvu technology
The cameras installed are all Hikvision Acusense cameras or where applicable Acusense Colorvu cameras, or even the latest Hikvision Acusense Colorvu Gen 2 camera that combines both technologies into one camera.
Each location may require a different type of camera or lens. Crime Watch will determine the most appropriate one required
Will I be able to see the CCTV camera – Monitoring Live View?

Yes, you will but please refer to FAQ in relation to your suburb, for further information.

Are CCTV cameras in public areas compliant with the POPI ACT?
There is nothing currently in the POPI ACT or its regulations to indicate the minimum requirement of proof that a CCTV surveillance system has met the consensual requirement for processing personal information.
Crime Watch SA - logo hikvision
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What are CCTV / video analytics exactly?

Please watch the video links provided, however to explain:
Video Analytics are generated from algorithms which convert real time video images into intelligent data. In simple terms, the data can be used to identify humans, cars, objects or people.

Alert Lines can be then set within the camera, these are generally known as: –

Line crossing – somebody or something crossing an analytic line in the camera (like your boundary wall/fence)

Intrusion zones – somebody or something entering an analytic area set up in the camera. – which may be set up just outside your property or within the street.

These analytic rules can be set up by day, time, size, etc to send alerts to the relevant parties, in the same way as your alarm alerts you/ your monitoring company, if someone enters your property.

In the case of the CCTV analytic alert, it sends a video clip of what triggered the alert, which the controller (in the case of Crime Watch monitoring the system) can determine if it is a threat and therefore dispatch Armed Response/ contact you, or something innocent.
This means that the controller or person monitoring the cameras does not need to look at them – the camera does the work for them. This is considered, in general terms, as being 95-97% more effective and accurate compared to a person monitoring the cameras. It is considerably more cost effective. This form of monitoring is often known as Black Screen Monitoring.

Is the Crime Watch CCTV Control Room manned 24hrs a day?
Yes, controllers man the CCTV network 24hrs a day. When alerts are sent through, they review the alert and determine what action is required.
Can the Crime Watch Control Room see the cameras even if no alerts are sent through?
Yes, controllers will review every camera on the network through CCTV patrolling. NB This assumes that the camera is working, has power and access to internet, with signals being received by Crime Watch
Do Crime Watch dispatch the Armed Response officers if something suspicious is seen on the camera by the Controllers?
Yes, we have been doing this for many years with the 275 cameras that we already monitor, and is included as part of the monitoring fee that you pay

What is Crime Watch About

Crime Watch is a proactive crime prevention and eradication operation, a visible deterrent to crime and a superb alarm monitoring and armed response service. Our high level of visibility results in less crime.