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Crime Watch Security App

Discover peace of mind with the Crime Watch Security App available for both Android and iPhone users.

Existing clients get the app for R40 p/m

• Multiple users on a single account
• Multiple locations ie: home & business
• The app is monitored by the control room
• Armed response will be dispatched
If you have no alarm system with Crime Watch SA you can still use the security app for R199 per month.

Download the app for the following devices
  • Compatible with Android and iPhone (see below for Huawei*)
  • Available on the Play Store, or the Iphone App Store
  • Can add 15 users with no extra charge.
  • Manage 30 site locations in one app.
  • All users receive notifications and can respond to alarms.
  • Monitor residential & business properties on the same app.
  • When phone is silent, notifications will display if there is internet access /data.
  • Users can’t set, turn off alarms or bypass zones on the app.
  • This special is only available to locations within Crime Watch’s coverage area

Once you have downloaded the app and completed all the details, Crime Watch will then activate your app. (may take  48hrs)

Crime Watch SA - app icons panic


On pressing the Panic Button, a signal is immediately sent to the Crime Watch control room.  Armed response will be dispatched to the premises registered on the App.   See terms and conditions.

Crime Watch SA - app icons fire


In the event of a fire at the registered premises, press the Fire Button.  The Crime Watch control room will contact the fire department on your behalf and dispatch armed response.

Crime Watch SA - app icons medical


In the event of a medical emergency, press the Medical Button. The Crime Watch control room will contact 107 or Milnerton Medics on your behalf. Armed response will be dispatched to the registered premises.
Crime Watch SA - app icons messages


This function displays your alarm notification history.  It also displays any messages from Crime Watch which may indicate faults with your alarm system ie. low battery or sensor low battery signals, FTT – ‘fail to test’ signals indicating that your alarm system is not communicating with the control room.   

Crime Watch SA - app icons alerts


In the event of a false alarm, a User can immediately cancel the alarm using this function, and the control room will be notified. This is particularly useful during loadshedding. The User can also press the other relevant buttons to indicate ‘not on site’ or ‘escalate’
Crime Watch SA - app icons sales


This function notifies the sales or technical team to contact the User.

Crime Watch SA - app icons test


The Test Alarm function allows the User to test his/her alarm. The User should set the alarm and trigger all zones. Alerts will go directly to the User’s mobile phone. The alarm settings will return to normal once the test time has elapsed. Contact the technical department if a service call is required.
Crime Watch SA - app icons holiday


Using this function enables the User to enter details of absence from the premises, as well as whom the control room should contact during the absence. The User can also enter any information that the control room or armed response team should be aware of ie. a new gate code to access the premises.
Download the app for the following devices

Terms and Conditions

  • By downloading, accessing, or using the Crime Watch Cell Phone Security App or any of its pages, the User signifies his/her assent to this disclaimer. The contents of the Security App include without limitation; all data, information, text, graphics, links, and other materials provided as a convenience to app users and are meant to be used for informational purposes only. Crime Watch does not take responsibility for decisions taken by the User based solely on the information provided in the Security App.
  • It is the User’s responsibility to ensure that his/her cell phone has data and is connected to the internet.
  • Armed Response officers will proceed to the property as registered on the Security App only.
  • The Security App will be suspended / terminated due to non-payment of the User’s account.
  • It is the Primary User’s responsibility to maintain which users receive alarm signals and are authorised to cancel the armed response. These settings can be updated at any time on the App itself.
  • All signals and any changes made on the user’s alarm system are logged in the client history.
  • Please note that Huawei phones may not show all the applications on the App. It is not 100% compatible in some cases.
  • If you don’t have an alarm system with CrimeWatch SA you can use the Security App and panic buttons for a monthly fee of R199 incl. VAT. This includes three panic alerts dispatched to each property registered. Each response thereafter will be charged at R86.00 incl VAT.
  • The Security App is free to existing clients if they signup before the 1st June 2024. There will only be a monthly charge of R40 p/m (incl VAT) , to those clients who decide to download the app and register it, after the 1st June 2024
Security App and Panic button process

What is Crime Watch About

Crime Watch is a proactive crime prevention and eradication operation, a visible deterrent to crime and a superb alarm monitoring and armed response service. Our high level of visibility results in less crime.