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Feeling Free

Working together we can create safer suburbs, giving you peace of mind to get on with your life and do the things that you love.

Who We Are: Our Approach

Crime Watch is a proactive crime prevention and eradication operation, a visible deterrent to crime and a superb alarm monitoring and armed response service. Our high level of visibility results in less crime.

We are dedicated to the Milnerton Precinct and currently operate in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland The aim of the company is to ‘consolidate communities’ and thereby create an effective crime fighting force.

Our ‘consolidating communities‘ catch phrase refers to the ability of a community to organise effective security by working together. When a community/suburb supports a particular service provider it creates ‘buying power’. The service provider can then dedicate a response team to that suburb. This means that the response vehicle is available to carry out effective patrols in the area and be on the lookout for suspicious persons and activity, essentially preventing crime before it happens. Having a vehicle dedicated to a suburb also allows for fast response times. This has been achieved in Sunset Beach and Royal Ascot. Milnerton Ridge will soon be having a dedicated patrol vehicle too.

Increased buying power also means that the service provider can install added security measures such as neighbourhood CCTV networks. This has been achieved in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge and Tijgerhof.

Crime Watch is a SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Association) member and all security personnel are registered with PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority).

Our Mission Statement

  • To concentrate on crime prevention through effective patrols and surveillance – not just responding to incidents.
  • To provide a professional service that effectively tackles the crime problem with the objective of removing crime from our suburbs.
  • To be the best that we can be in all our endeavours, and to become the recognised leader in concept and delivery.
  • To set new standards for the security industry.
  • To utilise a pro-active, preventative approach and the mobilisation of communities
  • To address not only crime, but also social problems affecting the broader community.
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Want to know more?

Crime Watch’s state of the art technologies assist and support our proactive crime prevention activities.