Sunset Beach | Break In

On the 8 Feb at 4:12am, a client called the Crime Watch control room to request response for a break in at their house. Armed Response was dispatched. During the night, the client had heard noises in the house and when investigating …

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Sunset Beach | Armed Robbery

A resident phoned into Control Room to advise that he thought there were intruders in his neighbour’s house. Armed Response Officer was dispatched to resident’s premises and on arrival it was confirmed that there had been 3 armed men and one with a knife who had entered the premises

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Sunset Beach | Housebreak

Sunset Beach | Bay Beach Avenue At 4.07 on the morning of 28th July, 2020, our Control Room noticed, on the cameras, a suspect jumping over the wall of a property in Bay Beach Avenue.     The dedicated Crime Watch vehicle patrolling Sunset Beach was alerted and 3... Read More