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IDS Alarm Promotion

• Including Installation for R6,999 incl VAT
• Free Radio included – no deposit required
• Free App – manage your alarm from your phone
• Ideal for large houses and businesses or warehouses
• Need 8 zones? View our 8 zone alarm promotion
• Need a CCTV system linked to your phone and alarm system? View our CCTV kit promotion
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IDS x64 -16 zone Alarm System PROMO

• Including Installation for R6,999 incl VAT
Free Radio included – no deposit required
Free App – manage your alarm from your phone
• Ideal for large houses and businesses or warehouses

IDS X64 - 16 Zone Kit Includes:

1x 64 Zone PC Board
1x Touch Keypad
1x Transformer
1x Battery
1x Siren
2x Magnetic Contact
2x Panic Buttons
5x Rx Core PIR
1x HYYP Module
1x 8 Zone Expander
1x Labour 6 Hrs
Can this alarm system be linked to a CCTV camera system?

The answer in both cases is Yes, it can and you can Control the CCTV system also from your phone. For more info please click here

What does the kit contain?

4x Passive Infrared’s, 2xMags, 2xFixed Panics, 1×8 zone Keypad, 1xTransformer, 1xSiren, 1xBattery, 1xHYYP Module.

Are the passives pet friendly?
Yes, up to 30 KG – dogs in excess of this size are too large
Are the passives reliable?
Yes, Optex is a worldwide Security Product.
What size of property, do these X64 kits cover normally?
Ideal for large houses and businesses or warehouses
Can I add to the kit and buy more?
Yes, you can Alarm can take up to 64 wired or wireless zones if you add the X-wave wireless transceiver.
Can I control my alarm system from my phone?
Yes, the Hyyp, module comes with the kit, and is used to link the alarm system controls to your phone.
How many partitions does it have?
What is the IDS HYYP module?
A GSM communication Module that is integrated in your alarms system and gives you control over the alarm from your phone. Bypassing, alarming and disarming your alarm made easy from wherever you are with providing there is 4G,5G Or Wi-Fi connected to you cell phone.
How many users can be loaded on the alarm app?
Up to 30 users
How much does the kit cost?

R6,999 Including Vat * This is subject to T&C’s (Terms and Conditions) and will change if suppliers increase their prices at any time.

Does that include installation?
What are the T&C’s (Terms and Conditions) in relation to the price of the alarm system and installation?

It is agreed by both parties that Crime Watch has agreed to install the IDS X64 Alarm equipment at a subsidised price of R6,999 including VAT, which is a saving of R2,878.60 on the normal price of installation. In exchange the client has agreed to sign up to a 12-month Alarm monitoring and Armed Response contract with Crime Watch. Crime Watch will retain ownership of the equipment until the full 12 month contract has been fulfilled.  If the contract is cancelled by the client for any reason, other than breach of contract by Crime Watch, prior to the 12 months, as agreed the client, will be liable for the full subsidy in the price of R2,878.60.

If I agree, will Crime Watch technicians install the alarm or will they subcontract the work out?
A Crime Watch Technician will install the alarm.
Who will discuss with me – where the panel and detectors should go?
Either a Sales representative or a technician on the day of install, will meet you onsite.
Will the technician agree with me where the cables will run in my property?

Wherever possible Yes, the technician will -however there are certain ways that the alarm cables need to run, to comply with the manufacturers instruction and SAIDSA.

How long will the installation take to do of the kit, with no extras?

Generally, it takes 5hrs maximum to install the alarm system – it does depend on any complications within the property

If I am unhappy with the workmanship of the installation, what do I do?
Contact your Crime Watch sales representative or the Technical Manager, who will come to the property and review the installation. If it is not to SAIDSA (South African Intruder Detection Services Agency) standards or agreed cable routes, it will be corrected.
Will I be given training in how to work the alarm?
Yes, at the end of the installation and as part of the handover procedure, you will receive full training. All parties, need to be present.
How much do I have to pay for the radio?
The system does not use a radio, but uses a GSM sim card (like your cell phone) – there is currently a R55 (ex-VAT) GSM communications fee. This is subject to review on the 1st March 2024
Is there a deposit to pay on the communication device?
No, no deposit is required
Is there a radio license fee to pay?
No, GSM fees are not subject to a license fee currently.
Can I install it myself?
No, For Crime Watch to hold the suppliers, warranties on the alarm system, it must be installed by one of our technicians.
If I lose my phone, does it put my property at risk?
Yes and No – it all depends on whether you have a lock code or pattern on your phone, and maybe a lock code on the app. If you have switched the lock on the app off – then you will leave yourself exposed – but if you leave it on, then you will always have to enter password manually, every time you log into the app.
Can I change zones descriptions myself?
Yes, this is easily done via the HYYP app on your phone
Can I bypass a zone?
Yes, this is easily done via the HYYP app on your phone
How long is the warranty on the system?

1 year from the date of installation

If I leave Crime Watch and use another technician, will the warranty remain in place?
No, the warranty will be affected if any other person interferes with the alarm system and Crime Watch will no longer be accountable for it.
How long is the workman ship guaranteed for?
1 year from the date of installation
How many users can log on at the same time?
All users can log on at the same time, nobody has to wait for each other to log off.
Can I add wireless zones to the X64

Yes, you can if you add a X-wave wireless transceiver, which will need to be carried out by Crime Watch.

Will the Control Room, know which zone goes off if my alarm is activated?
Yes, once the installation is complete, and tested, all zones will be loaded onto the alarm monitoring system
Do I need to test my alarm, once it is installed?

Crime Watch strongly recommend that you test your alarm system on a weekly basis. There are 4 many simple steps

  1. Contact the Control Room and advise them you want to test your alarm system. They will divert signals to your phone, so you can see which signals are coming through. They will put you on test for 15- 30 mins
  2. Set your alarm system and then activate all the zones systematically.
  3. Make a note of any you did not receive and test them again.
  4. Contact the Control Room if there is an issue. They can log a fault report for you, with the technical department, who will contact you, or if you require immediate support – they will call the standby technician for you, who will be able to assist.
Batteries – are they guaranteed?
Unfortunately, suppliers do not guarantee batteries, this is due to loadshedding and the destructive effects it can have on the battery cells. Secondly, they do not always know when the battery was manufactured, and how long it has sat in warehouses, before reaching the supplier.

What is Crime Watch About

Crime Watch is a proactive crime prevention and eradication operation, a visible deterrent to crime and a superb alarm monitoring and armed response service. Our high level of visibility results in less crime.