Guarding & Access Control

Virtual Supervisor

CCTV monitoring equipment links as the “Virtual Supervisor” to our Control Room to oversee the guarding operation remotely 24hrs a day.


Patrolling 24/7

Our team of armed response vehicles are constantly patrolling our area and can immediately support any guard reporting suspicious activity 24 hrs a day.


Intelligent Policing

Our Control Room monitors a network of 535 CCTV and LPR cameras in our area for intelligent policing, better detection, excellent response and supports our guarding operation.

Locally Based

We are locally based, with expert knowledge of our suburbs.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of reducing crime in our area which can be verified.

Excellent Support

We have excellent management support and are pedantic in our client liaison procedures and communication.

Our Unique Approach

Comprehensive Package

Crime Watch SA offers clients a comprehensive package of the highest levels in safety and security. As a client you may be paying for only one guard, but gain the full support of a dedicated team of experts. Each  guard has the support of our control room monitoring station and is backed up by our armed response vehicles and officers, who are patrolling the area constantly and can react immediately in support of any guard in the event of any incident or emergency.

Risk Assessment

We start by talking in detail to each client and evaluating their needs as well as the type of service they require. Following that meeting and a detailed physical review of the premises, our own specialised team will provide each client with a risk analysis, who then compile a report, setting out recommendations on safety and security, looking at direct and indirect threats as well as environmental influences. This report then forms the basis of our tailor-made security solution based on client’s needs, using the latest technology and working in conjunction with our guarding division.

We review this report with each of our clients on a regular basis ( twice every year as a minimum) or on each occasion that a system or a procedure or employee changes and in the event that any incident occurs. We provide guards that are fully trained to fit in with your ethos, whether it be for a commercial or residential application. We really do want them to become excellent ambassadors for your business as well as our own.

Selection and Training of Security Guards

Crime Watch SA has an intensive screening and selection process in order to recruit only the very best personnel. Our hiring procedures includes PSIRA registration and accredited training where they have to pass with 80%. We do personal interviews, background investigations, employment reference checks, personality and psychological evaluations. Training of all our staff is ongoing ensuring that we are able to provide our clients with security services that are prompt, efficient and professional at all times.

Guarding Technology

By entrusting Crime Watch SA, clients benefit from a sense of security for your business, employees and clients, or in the case of residential areas, peace of mind for family and loved ones. We realise that crime is a reality and criminals are getting smarter by the day. Therefore, we are always at the forefront when it comes to security technology and keep ourselves abreast of the latest crime trends.

Client Reporting

We pride ourselves in operating a comprehensive reporting system, covering all aspects of our guard’s duties and any incidents that may occur. Performance is checked through the course of the shift, by management and by our Armed Response Supervisors who are constantly patrolling the area. All reports are then signed off with actions implemented if deemed necessary. These reports are then compiled on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, all depending on our client’s requirements. We understand the importance of accurate reporting.

We have nothing to hide and always play open cards. It is important to note that we work hand in hand with our clients, always finding ways to improve service standards and reporting factors and where on occasion we are at fault we are open about it, bring it to our clients attention and rectify it accordingly.

A major part of almost every guarding contract is to effectively and efficiently manage the access control to your property. Whether this is to be Biometric readers, Identiscan, via LPR cameras or by your own access Control system and software. We will ensure that we have fully evaluated it, during the Risk Assessment phase, recommending any improvements (if applicable) and ensuring that our Guards are fully conversant with the procedure as well as the hospitality required on "Welcome" to your property for those authorised to access it. Guards' times are controlled daily by means of "time and attendance" equipment.

Wherever possible, Crime Watch will want to monitor each Guarding Operation from within their Control Room in Montague Gardens. This in effect provides us with Virtual Supervision of all of our Guards whilst they are on duty. We find that this keeps them more focused on doing the job, and provides the client with an additional pair of Eyes as part of the service.

We currently monitor 535 cameras throughout our suburbs within our Control Room, and with this information as well as the continual patrolling of our Armed Response vehicles in the area, we are often aware of potential risks to a premise, and can alert our guards accordingly, who are in constant radio communication with the control room.

N.B. Depending on the contract and the location, Crime Watch may be prepared to assist in the cost of the Installation of this equipment.

Besides our Armed Response patrolling and checking on our guards, we use the On Guard tag, or equivalent system to monitor our guard's movements to check the agreed areas of the property. This panic, patrolling and sleep deterrent and communications device offers accuracy and assurance. We are therefore able to report daily to our clients, making this an effective reporting tool on productivity.

Crime Watch SA offers armed and unarmed guards for improved security to Residential, Commercial and Industrial premises within the Milnerton and Montague Gardens area. We have PSIRA Graded Officers ranging from Grade A to C.

Protected Households

Protected Businesses

Our Guarding & Access Control Services

Residential Estates

  • Perimeter Security
  • Access Control by :
    • Dedicated access cards
    • Registers
    • CCTV and / or
    • Integrated Technology Solutions
  • Monitoring :
    • CCTV
    • Alarm systems
    • Panic buttons
  • High Risk Patrols
  • First Aid
  • Firefighting
  • Investigations
  • Firearm handling
  • Advanced control room training
  • 24 hr remote monitoring of guards
  • Armed Response services
  • Customer Service Excellence


  • Guards are trained in all aspects of security discipline, with strong emphasis on observation and visibility. Guards also perform public relations and provide general information to customers.
  • Follow store operating rules and procedures, customer care, customer theft techniques, fitting room control, searching of staff, asset control.
  • Access Control and monitoring by either dedicated access cards, CCTV and / or Integrated Technology Solutions, from CCTV to alarm systems and panic buttons, monitored at a central control room.
  • Parking areas patrolled and guards trained to spot unusual or suspicious behaviour. Presence alone of guards discourage criminal behaviour.
  • Armed Response Services
  • Investigations

Commercial and Industrial

  • We provide an up-market image.
  • Guards are trained to deal with a demanding public.
  • Guards are trained in all areas of commercial and industrial security, backed up by our Armed Response.
  • Guards are also equipped to deal with large number of employees as well as with the complexity and size of industrial plants.
  • Access Control and monitoring by either dedicated access cards, CCTV and / or Integrated Technology Solutions, from CCTV to alarm systems and panic buttons to a central control room.

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We value our clients and build on long term relationships taking clients security needs as well as budgets into consideration. Our affordable tailor-made packages offer a holistic approach to security services addressing our client’s safety and security needs, allowing them the freedom to confidently conduct their business, as well as keeping their families and loved ones safe.