Sunset Beach | Housebreak

Sunset Beach | Bay Beach Avenue At 4.07 on the morning of 28th July, 2020, our Control Room noticed, on the cameras, a suspect jumping over the wall of a property in Bay Beach Avenue.     The dedicated Crime Watch vehicle patrolling Sunset Beach was alerted and 3... Read More
Sunset Beach | Housebreak | Arrest Made

Sunset Beach | Housebreak | Arrest Made

Sunset Beach | Albus Drive At 9.44 on 24th July 2020 our Armed Response Officer Miya was stopped by a non-client and advised that he saw someone jumping over his wall.  Armed Response Officer Sonwabile was sent as backup and SAPS informed. The suspect was apprehended... Read More

Sunset Beach | Car break in

Forata Drive | Car break in At 02:15 on the 13th February, 2020 our Control Room received a call reporting that the resident had heard a car window being broken.    Armed Response Officer Veary was dispatched and on arrival, found the passenger window of a vehicle,... Read More

Sunset Beach | House Break

Engina Crescent | House Break At 03:29 on 14th January 2020, our Control Room received an alarm and client required Armed Response as there were intruders on the premises.    Three of our vehicles were dispatched to the property and checked the premises, but suspects... Read More

Sunset Beach | House Break In / Robbery

Venus Circle | Whilst monitoring the Venus Circle CCTV camera, Jason spotted three suspects running out of a property carrying bags and immediately dispatched Armed Response Officer Jonathan to the property. He arrived within 1 minute…

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