Crime Watch SA Offices - 10 Marinus Rd, Marconi Beam, Milnerton, Cape Town

Crime Watch SA offices are strategically located centrally within our coverage area, in Cape Town’s neighbourhood, giving us a maximum distance of around 3km from our control room to our furtherest client.

Our Camera Network

We have a camera network of CCTV & other cameras which include Static, PZT (Pan, Zoom, Tilt), Thermal and LPR (License Plate Recognition) Cameras across our suburbs in Cape Town

Centrally Located in Montague Gardens

Crime Watch SA is centrally located in the Montague Gardens area and dedicated vehicles in the area which result in excellent response times

We support Neighbourhood Watches

We work closely with local neighbourhood watches such as the Milnerton Ridge Neighbourhood Watch and other Community Alert Groups


We have coverage in this suburb

CCTV Monitored Cameras

CCTV Monitored Cameras

Protected Households

Protected Businesses

Total Arrests Made

The Neighbourhood

We are passionate about our neighbourhood and are actively involved with neighbourhood watches, property agents, community projects, policing forums, rate payers associations, recycling and other social upliftment projects in Cape Town suburbs. This network of ambassadors thereby supports Crime Watch SA’s business initiatives for lower crime rates.

Crime Watch works closely with communities in Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland
We are working together creating a sense of community and watching out for each other.

Crime Watch SA offices are strategically located centrally within our coverage area, giving us a maximum distance of around 3km from our control room to our furtherest client. We are constantly patrolling in our vehicles, or carrying out special operations and observations as a result of intelligence gathered from our extensive local knowledge of the area and camera network. This central location ensures extremely rapid response times to any call and 24/7 proactive patrolling increases spotting, communication and prevention of potential crimes before or while they are in progress.

We have over 412 neighbourhood CCTV systems installed in Sunset Beach, Royal Ascot and Milnerton Ridge. The cameras are monitored by the Control Room and have also significantly decreased crime in these suburbs.

Incident Reports

Milnerton – Business Break In

Crime Watch was informed of a break-in in progress in Milnerton at Nandos and armed response officers, who were nearby on patrol, were dispatched

Cape Town
Wildlife in our suburbs
Community Projects in our Neighbourhod
Neighbourhood watches in Sunset Beach

What activities are underway in the Area


Camera Project

We have a network of 412 and growing CCTV & LPR cameras


Neighbourhood Watch

We work closely with local neighbourhood watches

Future Plans for Crime Prevention

We hope in the months ahead, 27 new LPR cameras will be added by the Ward councillors in the Milnerton/Tableview/Melkbos area.  Crime Watch is also working with the Western Cape Government which aims to link all the cameras across the Western Cape onto one platform. This will be a major benefit in tracking down criminals beyond the immediate area by extending the ability to track vehicles further afield thus improving the effectiveness of our LPR system.

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