Noisey Neighbours

As residents of Cape Town, you are allowed to report noise that affects you. It is important to know that noise is dealt with by more than one department depending on the type of noise.

How to approach noise complaints in Cape Town

The Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) establishes a consistent method for addressing noise complaints within the city, covering various sources such as places of worship, late-night entertainment venues, and after-hours disturbances. It clarifies the roles and responsibilities of officials handling these complaints and emphasizes a fair approach that respects constitutional rights. Additionally, the SOP includes processes for dispute resolution, exemptions, and monitoring the effectiveness of the procedures.

You can find the Standard Operating Procedure on the City of Cape Town’s website.

Quick Guide to Reporting Noise Complaints:

Type of noiseDepartment
Noise nuisance that is caused in a public place or is audible in a public place.
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City Law Enforcement
Report noise online. Alternatively, call the call centre on 107 from a landline or,021 480 7700 from a cellphone.
Noise nuisance that is audible to the point where it impairs the convenience or peace of a reasonable person. This is noise that may not necessarily be loud but can be irritating.
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City Health Department – local Environmental Sub District. If you need to report a noise outside of office hours you can report to Law Enforcement or your local SAPS.
Noise disturbancenoise disturbances tend to be continuous and occur more frequently, but are less obvious.
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City Health Department – Specialised Services. If you need to report a noise outside of office hours you can report to Law Enforcement or your local SAPS.
Excessive building, construction or demolition noise. The National Building Regulations do not limit working hours, but they do restrict construction activities that cause excessive noise during certain times.
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Building Development Management (BDM)
Call 021 401 4702 or visit the relevant BDM District Office in your area. If you need to report a construction related noise outside of office hours you can report to Law Enforcement, report it online, or contact your local SAPS.


Additional Information:

  • The National Building Regulations limit construction noise during specific hours : Sundays, public holidays, before 6:00 AM and after specified times on weekdays/Saturdays.
  • Noise disturbances are measured and require decibel readings for enforcement.
  • Noise nuisances can be reported even if they don’t exceed noise limits.




Reporting Noise with City of Cape Town

Please call the CoCT emergency line for any noise nuisance to build up a case to support your allegation. You will receive a ref Nr which you can forward on to us with the date logged.

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“Any sound which disturbs or impairs or may disturb or impair the convenience or peace of any person” and “disturbing noise” as “a noise level that exceeds the ambient sound level measured continuously at the same measuring point by 7 decibels or more.”.

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