CrimewatchSA armed response Vehicles

Introducing our New Patrol Cars! 🚔

At Crime Watch South Africa, we are constantly striving to enhance your safety and provide top-notch security services. That’s why we’re thrilled to introduce our two new patrol cars.


🌟 Unmatched Vigilance: Our patrol cars are equipped with the state of art tracking, dashboard cameras and LPR mobile cameras too. Ensuring round-the-clock vigilance in the areas we serve. With enhanced visibility and rapid response capabilities, we’re dedicated to keeping your neighborhoods secure.


🔒 Proactive Protection: We go beyond mere response. Our patrol cars are on the move 24/7, actively patrolling the Milnerton Precinct, including Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Milnerton Central, Royal Ascot, Woodbridge Island, Montague Gardens, Tijgerhof, Summer Greens, Phoenix, Rugby, Brooklyn and parts of Paarden Eiland.