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18 Jun 2023, 09:06 | Milnerton, Milnerton Ridge, Montague Gardens, Phoenix, Royal Ascot, Sunset Beach, Tijgerhof

Crime Watch operates in the following suburbs:
Sunset Beach, Milnerton Ridge, Royal Ascot, Montague Gardens, Milnerton Central, Summer Greens, Sanddrift, Tygerhof, Killarney Gardens, Paarden Eiland.

The crime information contained in this report, is information that has been reported to Crime Watch by clients, non-clients, and SAPS.



  • 31st May –Armed Response officer Thandile responded to a fight in De Grendel Road. He found that a suspect had robbed a woman of her handbag. Thandile detained the suspect and handed him over to SAPS.


  • 1st May – A trespasser was reported at a property in Lupin Crescent. On arrival a teenage boy was found on the property and the client advised that there was no need to contact SAPS. The teenager was released with a warning.
  • 3rd May – A house break-in was reported at a non-client residence in Atrina Way. The insurance evaluator required our assistance, and it was found that the suspects had removed the kitchen window to gain entry. The property was completely ransacked, and most copper pipes and electrical wires had been ripped out. Several pieces of furniture were removed. SAPS was informed. No case has been opened yet due to the owner not being available.
  • 4th May – House break-in was again reported at the same property in Atrina Way by the agent. On arrival the AR Officer found the backdoor open. The property was searched – more appliances had been stolen. The agent arranged for the property to be secured.
  • 4th May – Paddocks SC Security Officers reported a suspicious male hanging around the ATM close to the Spar. On investigation it was found that he had tampered with the ATM. The suspect was chased out of the centre and SAPS informed.
  • 7th May – We received a call from a client in Pringle Road who advised that her garage door was wide open. On arrival it was found that suspects had forced the door open. The alarm wasn’t set at the time. SAPS was informed but the client couldn’t confirm what items were taken.
  • 10th May – We received a report of an armed robbery at Pick ’n Pay Sable Square. Five males armed with firearms entered the shop and demanded money. No one was injured, SAPS was informed.
  • 12th May – Armed House Robbery was reported by a client in Granula Place. The incident happened during loadshedding. The client had visitors coming to visit them. As the visitors came in 4 armed males followed them in. No vehicle could be identified, and the client couldn’t confirm what items were taken except cell phones, wallets, jewellery, cash, and car keys. SAPS was informed and the scene handed over to them for investigation.
  • 17th May – Security Officers detained a woman shoplifting at Clicks Paddocks. SAPS was informed and the suspect handed over to be arrested.
  • 18th May – While on patrol one of our Response Officers noted a gate motor bracket missing at a complex in De Grendel Road. The officer investigated and found that the battery was missing. He replaced the bracket and asked the control room to contact the client. No one was available at the time. SAPS was informed of the incident.
  • 20th May – On patrol in the area one of our Armed Response officers noted a power cable stolen in front of a property in Freesia Street. SAPS was informed and a C3 was logged. Ref no. 9114828346
  • 24th May – House break-in was reported in Ceres Road. The client reported that the suspects removed a window at the back of the property and that a tv and laptop were stolen. SAPS was informed and the client will open a case.
  • 27th May – A client in Latrobe Street reported that 2 solar lights had been stolen during loadshedding.



Crime Watch works with the following organisations in the fight to reduce crime:
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