Royal Ascot | 2 Armed Robberies in 3 minutes

21 Feb 2021, 06:02 | Royal Ascot

At approximately 06.32am Crime Watch Control Room, were made aware of a robbery that had occurred at 06.01 am on Grand National Boulevard, (near the first circle) of an employee on his way to work in Royal Ascot. A car with two occupants had driven up behind him, jumped out, pointing a fire arm at him and robbed him of his cell phone and wallet.

On further investigation Crime Watch discovered that at 06.03am, the same vehicle was used to rob two staff members walking down Bridal Way, on their way to work, again taking cell phones and wallets.

Two armed robberies were committed in the space of 3 mins 06.01am and 06.03am, easily done and very difficult to protect against.

All Pedestrians out at times when there are not many people about are a target at any time of day, especially if on their own or in two’s, and should be careful not to walk near the pavement edge and should regularly look behind them to see if being observed by a slow-moving vehicle behind them. Please keep cell phones and any other valuables well hidden

Crime Watch will provide CCTV evidence to SAPS, once cases have been opened by the injured parties in the normal way.


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