Sunset Beach | Armed Robbery

24 Nov 2020, 09:11 | Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach | Venus Circle

At 09:07 on 24th November, a resident phoned into Control Room to advise that he thought there were intruders in his neighbour’s house. Armed Response Officer Lindile was dispatched to resident’s premises and on arrival, the resident showed him the neighbour’s house in question. Armed Response Supervisor Richard and Armed Response Officer Jonathan were also dispatched. It was confirmed that there had been 3 armed men and one with a knife who had entered the premises at about 8.00 a.m. The resident had opened the door thinking that it was her employee. The armed intruders had locked all 3 residents in the bathroom. SAPS was informed and arrived at premises. Suspects stole numerous items, including a firearm and electronic equipment. Unfortunately, the suspects had already fled the scene before the alert had been raised.

We would remind everyone not to open their doors unless you are 100% sure of who is standing on the other side. We are just so pleased that no one was hurt in this incident.

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