Royal Ascot | Trespassing | Suspect Arrested

20 Oct 2020, 02:10 | Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot | Grand National Boulevard

At about 02:36 on the morning of the 20th October, 2020, a resident from a complex called the control room and reported a suspect on the roof of the building site at the complex. Control room checked the cameras and saw the suspect on the building plot.     Armed Response Supervisor Richard and Officers Kwanele, Lerothodi Lindile were dispatched to the premises.   Control Room gave the Armed Response team a description of the clothing worn by the suspect.  Armed Response searched the area around the area and surrounding complexes but could not find the suspect. It was later established that the suspect tried to break in at another complex in Milnerton Ridge as well and was saw by Security Guard Timothy. Armed Response Supervisor Richard saw the suspect in Koeberg Road and made the arrest. Suspect clothing description match the description that was viewed on the camera. Suspect was later released by SAPS due to lack of evidence and no outstanding warrants.

Well done Crimewatch team in your continued vigilance.

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