Royal Ascot | Trespassing | Arrest made

Oct 15, 2020 | Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot | Trespassing | Arrests Made

On 15th October at 22:45, a client called and requested Armed Response to check the complex who were apparently ringing the door bells looking for a “Mervin”. The client also confirmed that the residents had been warned by the Trustees not to allow them inside the complex. Armed Response Officer Emmanuel was dispatched and he confirmed that a Blue Golf CF 7XXXX was waiting outside for the two ladies. Armed Response Thembela was dispatched as backup. Our officers were informed by a resident that it was suspected that the ladies were also involved in an incident last week where a car had been stolen from the complex. SAPS were informed and upon their arrival, found false registration plates inside the vehicle. The Ladies as well as the driver were arrested and the vehicle was driven by a SAPS officer to Milnerton Police Station.

Well done, Crimewatch team.

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