Sunset Beach | House Break In / Robbery

22 Aug 2019, 20:08 | Sunset Beach

Venus Circle | House Break In / Robbery

At 20.01pm last night, whilst monitoring the Venus Circle CCTV camera from the Crime Watch Control Room, Jason spotted three suspects running out of a property carrying bags and immediately dispatched Armed Response Officer Jonathan to the property. He arrived within 1 minute. Backup and support was provided by Armed Response Supervisor Bandile and Armed Response Manager Dewald who also attended the scene and assisted the client.

Further information cannot be provided at this time as Crime Watch are assisting SAPS with their enquiries and supplying further information.

There is a spate of early evening house robberies/ house break ins that have occurred in Milnerton Ridge and now in Sunset Beach between the hours of approx. 7.00pm and 11.30pm. Suspects appear to be trying to target houses before alarms and beams are set, when people may have doors and windows open or are even still outside. We would recommend you set your perimeter beams as early as possible and test your alarm system including panic buttons. IMPORTANT: Please call the Control Room before doing so and they will put your alarm on test mode.

Be wary of anyone seen to be hanging around your property or acting suspiciously.

It is appreciated that this incident will have significant local interest, but we would advise you not to share any detailed information on social media as it may affect any charges brought against the suspects if caught at a later date.

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