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Crime Statistics for Sunset Beach and Sunset Links

This is the Crime Watch update for JULY 2019 and the crime statistics for the month.

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The chart below shows the year on year comparison from January to July in each of the years.

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The chart below shows the total number of crime related incidents reported (to Crime Watch) each month during 2019 v 2018. No Crime has been reported to Crime Watch during the month of July 2019.

Crime Watch SA - 19comparison tomay

he chart below reflects the type of crime that has occurred during the years 2015-2019 during the months of January to April. The real concern here is the sharp rise in House Break-ins of which there have been thirteen this year that have taken place.

A House Break in is when there is no-one at a property when criminals enter as opposed to House Robberies which is when someone is at the property of which there has been one incident.

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AR = Armed Robbery
BB = Business Break In
CJ = Car Jacking
FRD = Fraud
HB = House Break in – where someone is in the property when criminals break in.
HJ = Hijacking
HR = House Robbery – where someone is in the property when criminals break in.
ROB = Robbery
TFMV = Theft from Motor Vehicle
THEFT = Theft
TOMV = Theft of Motor Vehicle

NB If a crime is not reported to either Crime Watch or SAPS it will not be recorded on the graphs above, or a request has been made by the victim, or SAPS not to publicise it.


Crime Watch SA - newsflash icon star1 RESPONSE TIMES: July 2019

The tables below confirm our response times for Sunset Beach during July 2019 for your information. We carried out a total of 290 responses in the month. This does not include all the responses that we do, that are cancelled when the vehicle is on route due to a false alarm being confirmed by the client.

All responses over 9 minutes have been investigated, and reflect times that the Sunset Beach Vehicle was already committed to a response, and a vehicle had to come from a different area, or was unable to respond to the call quicker than another vehicle being dispatched.

Crime Watch SA - 19table toaug

These tables reflect the total percentage of responses completed per minute – for example a total of 92% of the total responses of 290 (therefore 268 responses) were completed within 7 minutes.

Crime Watch SA - 19table toaug2

Crime Watch SA - newsflash icon star1SUNSET BEACH LPR CAMERAS

We have been contacted by a number of clients in relation to the additional LPR cameras that have appeared at the two entrances to Sunset Beach.

To clarify the situation, Crime Watch has 2 LPR cameras that cover primarily the entry lanes to Sunset Beach – one is located at Sunset Beach Vet on Bay Beach Ave, and the other is located outside Cowboys and Cooks on Ocean Way. These LPR cameras were upgraded in January this year, and are part of the Crime Watch CCTV network.

These cameras are also linked to and monitored by the LPRUG (License Plate Recognition User Group) and as such can be viewed by a restricted group of authorised persons. These persons have signed up to the operating terms and conditions of the LPRUG and can share relevant information with other parties such as security companies, SAPS and Crime Intelligence Officers, who are also fully signed up members. This is important if or when a suspicious vehicle is detected on a camera and requires monitoring, or other actions such as stop and search, or arrest.

Crime Watch has a total of 9 LPR cameras in the Sunset Beach / Milnerton area, all of which are linked to the LPRUG.

Crime Watch understands that the SBHOA have added 2 additional cameras to each entrance way to Sunset Beach (total 4), within metres of our existing ones. This in effect means that there are now a total of 6 LPR cameras covering the two entrances to Sunset Beach

We believe that 2 of the HOA cameras could have been put to better use at a different location, for example at the intersection of Bay Beach Ave and Ocean Way. Assuming that Sunset Beach residents have paid, contributed towards or even donated these cameras, we believe that these funds/ locations could have been better utilised.

It is our understanding that the SBHOA are intending that these cameras will be linked to the COCT network in the near future , where authorised bodies will be able to react to any alerts that they may provide.

It should be noted that the SBHOA are fully aware of the Crime Watch LPR system and requested confirmation that our cameras are connected to the COCT cams and LPRUG, which they have been for many years. They received confirmation of this directly from the LPRUG in April 2019, however at no time did they discuss the potential of simply adding 2 more cameras and licenses to the existing Sunset Beach CCTV network.


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