Parkview Close | House Break

At 23:15 on 25th December 2018 Armed Response Supervisor Richard we saw a suspicious coloured male crossing Milnerton Drive, coming out of Parkview close.   Richard effected a u-turn to investigate and confronted the suspect wearing a maroon long sleeve shirt and a navy blue denim dungaree. The suspect stated someone is trying to break into his house and asked that we follow him. He pulled on the lock at a garage in Parkview close and then jumped over the wall to the adjoining property. He proceeded into the back yard and onto the roof of the house at the back of the premises. Richard requested back up due to the fact that the suspect had a screwdriver with him and it was noticed that the back window on the second floor was open.   Armed Response Officers Veary and Kagisho were dispatched and proceeded onto the property in an endeavour to remove the suspect.   He disappeared over the roof and then was seen in the house. Control Room received alarm activations from the premises. SAPS was contacted and on arrival, entered the premises through the back second floor window, bringing the suspect out and transporting him to Milnerton SAPS.

Well done Richard for your powers of observation and following your instincts.    Well done SAPS, good team effort all round.