Hastula Way | Arrest and Recovery of stolen vehicle and goods

At 23:43 on 15th September, a client activated his alarm. Control Room contacted the client who confirmed that all was in order with him, but that he had heard gun shots in the area. Armed Response Officer Lennox was dispatched, with Armed Response Supervisor Andre and Officer Veary dispatched as back up.  Upon arrival, they saw a Silver Fiesta surrounded by SAPS. Apparently the Fiesta had been hijacked earlier in Wynberg at gunpoint by 3 Males and 2 Females, and used in robberies in Table View. The vehicle was tracked and located and  a chase ensued. The vehicle entered Sunset Beach via Ocean Way and was cornered by SAPS in Hastula Way. Shots were exchanged between SAPS and the suspects. All 5 suspects were arrested and taken into custody. The vehicle was seized and the stolen goods recovered.No further information can be given as it is an ongoing investigation.   Well Done SAPS.