Woolworths, Paddocks Shopping Centre | Arrest for stolen property

At 19:50 on 14th August, 2018, whilst monitoring the CCTV cameras, our Control Room noticed suspicious behaviour from two suspects at the back of Paddocks.   One suspect handed something to the other and they both ran towards Racecourse Road.    Armed Response Supervisors Andre Gordon and Richard Devine were dispatched to the location and in the direction of the Suspects.    Armed Response scouted the area and located two suspects matching the Control Room’s description in Graaf Avenue, Milnerton.    The suspects were carrying a flat black trolley and upon questioning them, they confirmed that they had stolen the trolley from the back of Woolworths, Paddock Shopping Centre.    The suspects were transported back to Woolworths, where the Manager confirmed the property belonged to the store.      The Suspects were then taken to SAPS Milnerton  as Milnerton was laying a charge against the suspects.