Marconi Road | Montague Gardens

On 8th January 2018 at 12:33, Crime Watch Control Room received a panic signal from a client in Marconi Road, Montague Gardens and were advised that there was a suspicious Silver Toyota Corolla onsite.  This same vehicle had been involved in a theft out of a motor vehicle, at the same premises on a previous occasion, for which there is already an ongoing investigation.   Security Co-ordinator Rashaad Hendricks was dispatched and on arrival, noticed the vehicle trying to leave the premises. He requested back up and Armed Response Officers Richard Devine and Thembela Nqikela responded.    Rashaad Hendricks followed the suspicious vehicle along Marconi Drive and managed to pull it over near Woolworths in Montague Drive.    SAPS arrived on scene and was advised by Rashaad Hendricks that there was footage of the previous incident at the client’s premises.    The suspected driver and passenger were escorted back to the client’s premises to view footage, after which, the driver of the vehicle was arrested and the passenger was released as there was no evidence of him committing a crime.

Well done to the Crime Watch team.