With crime at an all-time high in the Western Cape, we simply cannot afford to have a poor relationship with the South African Police (SAPS); after all they are there to protect us.  Because we care about how our citizens are treated by SAPS, our goal is to ensure professional policing in the Western Cape.

We aim to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between SAPS and communities and it is our responsibility is to:

  • Receive and investigate complaints of police inefficiency, and /or
  • Investigate a breakdown of relations between the police and any community.

Types of Complaints we accept?
Complaints against administrative actions, procedures and practices such as:

  • Lack of communication with the complainant/victim
  • Poor service delivery
  • Poor communication
  • Poor investigation
  • Unacceptable conduct
  • Failure to conduct themselves in a proper or fair manner
  • Failure to follow correct procedures
  • Disregarding the principles of ‘batho pele’
  • Refusing /failure to respond to an enquiry complain to other correspondence.

We do not:

  • Provide legal representation to complainants
  • Interfere or intervene in court decisions (e.g. the outcome of bail applications, trials, leave to appeal, etc) OR prosecutorial decisions (eg: decision by NPA / DPP not to prosecute matters)
  • Intervene with the procedure and/or outcomes of internal disciplinary action taken by SAPS  and the Metro Police.
  • Intervene in any HR aspects within SAPS
  • Investigate crimes allegedly committed by police officers.

Who can register a complaint?

  • Members of the public, including foreign nationals and tourists visiting the Western Cape who are dissatisfied with the service received from any SAPS or Law Enforcement Agency in the Western Cape.
  • Any member of Provincial Parliament
  • Organised or civil society
  • Any other department or organisation

How can I register a complaint?

Complete Annexure A (Form 1), which is available in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa.

A complaint must specify:

  • The name , identify or passport number and contact particulars of the complainant, if available
  • The nature of the complaint
  • The date and place of the incident

Make sure that you give sufficient information in your complaint such as the names of people you have dealt with.

Do you represent an organisation?

If you are submitting a complaint on behalf of an organisation, we would need you to provide proof that you are the authorised person to lodge a complaint on behalf of the organisation or association.

How do I submit a written complaint?

Lodge your complaint via telephone, fax, email or by registered post (be sure to keep proof of postage).  Alternatively, visit us at our office to lodge your complaint in person.

Our office is situated in Cape Town city centre, in St George’s Mall, on the 6th floor of the Waldorf Building.

We are open from 07H00 – 16H00, Monday to Fridays (excluding public holidays)

Contact Us:

Office:                         6th Floor, Waldorf Building, St Georges Mall, Cape Town;

Telephone:                021 483 0669;

Email:                          ombudsman@westerncape.gov.za;

Fax:                             021 483 0660;

Postal address:         PO Box 5346, Cape Town 8000

Web:                           www.westerncape.gov.za/police-ombudsman