Incident Reports

These are the latest incident reports from within our coverage area. You can subscribe to receive email notifications of these incidents.

Milnerton Central | Housebreak

Lobelia Street | Housebreak | Suspects Arrested On 27th February 2019 at 1:47 in the morning Armed Response Supervisor Richard was patrolling Milnerton Central when he saw three suspicious males in Jasmin street. He questioned them and they stated that they were going...

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Sunset Beach | Theft out of a Motor Vehicle

Granula Place | Theft out of a Motor Vehicle Whilst on patrol at 23:19 on 19th February 2019, Armed Response Officer Junior noticed a parked vehicle with the door open.    He radioed through to Control Room who contacted the client to meet the officer outside the...

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Sunset Beach | Attempted House Break

Granula Place | Attempted House Break At 23:05 on 19th February 2019, a client called in to inform Control Room that there was someone in the garden.   Armed Response Supervisor Andre and Officer Kagisho were dispatched and upon arrival, noticed that one of the...

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Sunset Beach | House Break In

Dolabella Drive | House Break In At 21.11 on 17th February 2019, the Client phoned in to report a break in and Theft at his premises.   Armed Response Officer Vuyani was despatched with Armed Response Supervisor Richard as backup.   Access was gained via top back...

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Royal Ascot | Break In

Parade Ring Road | Break In                        On the 25th December at 20:55, a client called in to report that their electric fence had been...

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Milnerton Ridge | House Break | Arrest made

Parkview Close | House Break At 23:15 on 25th December 2018 Armed Response Supervisor Richard we saw a suspicious coloured male crossing Milnerton Drive, coming out of Parkview close.   Richard effected a u-turn to investigate and confronted the suspect...

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Tijgerhof | Arrest for Robbery

Pienaar Road |Arrest for Robbery At 18:25 on 12th December a client contacted our Control Room and advised that he had apprehended a female suspect on his premises, and requested Armed Response.     Armed Response Officers, Vuyani and Bandile responded.     SAPS...

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